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MillennialsFeaturedImageBack in the mid-80s, Michelob launched their famous, “Who Says You Can’t Have It All” ad campaign. It appealed to the “yuppies” (a term that seems to have vanished) of the day. Work hard, play hard, do it all, and have a Michelob when you’re done!

In the years that followed, Michelob took some hits for it. Can you have it all? Is that realistic? Did it lead people to unreal expectations? I not really sure, and I don’t really care. That was 30 years ago.

More recently I’ve been involved in discussions about the Millennial Generation, aka Gen Y, or even Echo Boomers.

I think they’ve gotten kind of a bad rap. They’re now referred to as Generation “Me”, for the egotistical demands for creativity, freedom in work schedules, pay rate, and desire for fame.

I don’t see it that way. Teaching at the university level for the better part of the last decade, I see something different.

Sure, they want compensation, but us Baby Boomers were just as apt to fight and scratch our way up the corporate ladder to earn more.

And yes, they want creativity in their jobs, flexible hours, and even the potential for fame. The thing is, we, collectively, put all that out there. Remember the “dot com” 90s, and bringing your dog to work, and Frisbees at lunch, and flex hours, and instant code-writing superheros? We brought that on. Millennials just want a piece of what they’ve seen is possible.

Gen X, in my humble opinion, was more of a “me” generation. Or maybe I should say, “Woe is me” generation. Millennials at least want to make a better world. They want to work for better companies, doing good things. They are entrepreneurial. And shockingly, during this down economy, they’ve been willing to leave paid jobs when they didn’t respect their employers. (How many Baby Boomers can say they did that?)

I think Millennials will have a big impact on the world we are entering. As marketers, I suggest we make peace with them, learn more about them, and then hang on for the ride.


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Pepperdine COM 590 students had a "client meeting" today with the heads of marketing for the Los Angeles Dodgers!

A team of students from my Pepperdine COM 590 class met with Dodger marketing executives today to learn more about the Dodger organization, its marketing department, and some of the IMC challenges they are facing.

We had the privilege of meeting with Erik Braverman, Senior Director, Marketing & Broadcasting, Ryan Benko, Coordinator, Advertising & Promotions, and Shelley Wagner, Director, Advertising & Promotions. Our Dodger hats off to Shelley for putting this together for us!

The marketing team from the Dodgers gave us a lot of insight into the current Dodger efforts. Most surprising was that virtually all marketing and advertising activity is done in-house, not through agencies or vendors. That means they’re doing research, analysis, concept, design, and production themselves. Whew!

Another surprise was when they let us know they have access to a Major League Baseball database that is shared by all the teams to help them create, measure, and analyze promotions from around the country. From those who saw Money Ball, it’s kind of like the same computer analysis, only for marketing promotions. Very cool stuff.

While the Dodgers are revving up to start the season, our hope is the top two teams from the class will be back late in the semester to present their findings and campaigns to the Dodger marketing team, so we’re looking forward to seeing what the students come up with.

A very big and special thanks, again, to Shelley for organizing and the whole Dodger marketing team for letting us come out and meet with them. Go Blue!

And as promised, check them out online at to learn more about the Dodgers, to get the latest Dodger news, or to get tickets for this upcoming season (more than 10 bobblehead games)!

Dodgers meeting 1

Pepperdine students Jordan Womack, Ashley Beckford, and Marshele Danner meet with Shelley Wagner, Erik Braverman, and Ryan Benko from the Dodger organization.

Heather Brehmer Datasat

Heather Brehmer, VP of Worldwide Marketing for Datasat came to visit our Com 590 class last night. Heather is an alum from the Pepperdine Communications division, a former Pepperdine swimmer and swim coach, a former intern of mine, and a former member of my marketing team at Newman Grace.

Heather shared some of her experience working at Datasat, one of the leading sound technology companies in digital motion picture sound. They are one of the companies you see on at the end of movie credits or at the bottom of movie posters.

One part of Heather’s talk focused on how ahe and Datasat integrate their message across advertising, PR, trade shows, personal selling, and social media. Sounds like a page out of the COM 590 textbook!

Heather also revealed with her travel travel schedule, having circled the globe several times in just two years attending tradeshows and conferences.

A big thanks to friend, Pepperdine alum, and marketing expert Heather Brehmer for sharing some time with us!

For more info on Datasat,  click over to

Larry Londre - Marketing ExpertLarry Londre is one of L.A.’s smartest marketing minds. Larry and I worked together more than 20 years ago at Grey Advertising in Los Angeles, and since then we’ve had surprisingly similar paths. We both opened our own shops, and we both teach. Larry’s teaching credentials are pretty spectacular, with long stints at USC, CSUN, Loyola,  and Pepperdine. Larry came to visit my 590 class, the new capstone course for the IMC major at Pepperdine. Larry shared his insights which were very funny yet very informative. Larry brought a presentation using images from his many trips around the world. He has chronicled his many trips as a guest lecturer and business consultant by snapping interesting ads and marketing efforts from dozens of foreign countries. Thanks, Larry, the class loved you!

Larry Londre 2 - Marketing Expert